Hofmeister visits Sand Springs to praise educators, encourage COVID vaccinations | Education

Summer school, while not new, has taken on added importance this year, she said.

“For a lot of our school districts, there has been disruption that was unexpected, even though most of our school districts opened during the fall of last year,” she said. “But quarantining, and the disruption of exposure and illness, caused either teachers or students by the hundreds to be out of school at one time. And that’s very difficult to take a whole class forward when half are missing.

“So this opportunity in the summer has been paramount. We know, though, that it’s going to take more than just one summer to complete unfinished learning that kids experienced (and restore) that social-emotional reconnection that many lost,” she said.

“My heart’s full of gratitude for all of the teachers and support personnel — cafeteria workers — that have come here during the summer instead of getting ready for the next school year,” Hofmeister said. “They never stopped, and they continue to give back to students.”

She noted that “all over the state, including in Sand Springs, enrollment for summer programs is up, and we think that’s a great thing.”

Quantifying the disruption caused by the pandemic is not a quick process, Hofmeister said, noting that from district to district — almost family to family, even — officials have seen great differences.

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